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Private collection of high quality AR-15s, Glocks, ammo, optics etc.

For Sale
Price: 700.00 USD 700 USD Price is negotiable
Contact 907-317-0509
Added 11-15-2022 19:43:19

Full Description

Will seporate. Let me know what you're interested in and I'll give you a good price.

$700-$1500 each for individual guns.

$14k All 15 firearms and mags in all pics only, no optics or ammo.

$16k for everything in all pics, I'll put new optics on every single weapon and throw in a large box full of holsters, mags, slings and accessories, plus I'll add a super awesome surprise that will help you shoot all that ammo ;-)

Check out all the pics there's more than shown in the first pic.

All new and unfired until I recently test fired most of them for the first time. Everything ran smooth but one bronze AR pistol needed the gas turned up on the adjustable gas block and the white Glock didn't like old military surplus 9mm but ran perfectly with all other 9mm ammo.

AR-15's all chambered in 5.56 1:7 (which is good) all pistols chambered in 9mm (best for people sized things, not brown bears)

Matching custom Glocks, all custom everything with several mods, accessories, threaded aftermarket match grade barrels, Austrian Gen 3 Glock lower frames and triggers.

Had cstom optics made with auto off and shake awake. 2 moa dot 50,000 hour battery life (should last much longer due to auto off feature) 

Lots of 223/5.56/9mm ammo estimated over 2.700 rounds. Several extra loaded magazines, ammo in ammo cans etc

Cerakoted professionally before assembly, adjustable gas blocks, special BCGs, custom short/quiet buffer systems, adjustable braces, QD points, custom multipurpose muzzle devices etc etc.

 The Micro AR pistols alone cost over $1500 (before optics) and have to be custom made which takes time too. Raw parts from the same forge as Colt and Daniel Defense. Most have custom ceramic-calcium coated BCGs (used on Nascar pistons and work great in Arctic conditions).

It's all good guality stuff that you can be proud of owning, will be reliable and hold value.

I am NOT a dealer, just an Alaskan/US citizen with lots of awesome guns that I don't need anymore. All rules apply, no flakes, thieves or terrorists please.



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