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Enfield long rifle, Model #4 Mk1* 303 caliber

For Sale
Price: 875.00 USD 875.00 USD Price is negotiable
Contact 907-229-0419
Added 04-17-2021 09:26:42
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Full Description

For sale is a 1944 Enfield long rifle. This model was introduced in 1941, the "Long Branch" stamp indicates it was manufactured by either Small Arms Limited, or more likely by Canadian Arsenals Limited in Canada as a sniper rifle. Build date stamp is 1944. 

Due to end of WWII, these rifles were sold as hunting rifles. This rifle is equiped witha a US made Weaver K4-C3 detachable scope, probably original to the original sale. 

Rifle was owned by JM Eveleth in Florida, my grandfather, and used as a hunting there. The leather sling is newer, and has the intials RRF tooled into it. There is an older custom butt cushion in stalled. 

We have run about 30-40 rounds throught it, and the rifle functions as designed. The rifle is in good condition, given the 77 year age. 



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