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Barrett M99 Rifle .50 BMG

For Sale Or Trade
Price: 6,500.00 USD 6500 USD Price is negotiable
Contact 907-444-6564
Added 03-11-2019 21:11:21
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Up for sale is my well-babied Barrett M99 rifle. The gun has maybe 50-70 rounds through it. Chamber is in excellent condition and the rifle as a whole is very good. Fluted 29" barrel. Glass is a U.S. Optics ER-25 scope with a LaRue tactical QD mount specifically made for 50 BMG rifles. It is an illuminated hashmark redicle scope with several bells and whistles and is very clear at distance. This scope is the real deal and very capable of long range shots. Rifle comes with a new 50 cal U.S. military cleaning kit, 50 BMG bore snake, bubble level mounted to the rail, and factory Pelican case.

Included is a Hornady Lock-N-Load single stage 50 BMG reloading press. Includes all dies, case trimmer, case prep tool, misc. brass and AP bullets, powder, primer packs, tumbler, media, neck brush w/ drill, lube, scale, brass holders, and a bunch of extras too much to list. Some of the brass is primed and ready for loading. Nearly everything you need to start reloading today.

Also included is some reloaded ammo with load data as well as some factory ammo from American Eagle and Barrett. Roughly 150 rounds at the ready to start firing. There is a mix of standard ball(with 620-700 grain rounds), Hornady A-Max 750 grain, and AP ammo.

40 rounds American Eagle Ball 660 grain factory ammo
10 rounds American Eagle Tracer 610 grain factory ammo
15 rounds Barrett 661 grain factory ammo
10 rounds Israeli military ammo
22 rounds reloads using Hornady A-Max 750 grain bullet and H50 BMG powder
10 rounds reloads using Hornady A-Max 750 grain bullet and 869 powder
15 rounds reloads using 680 grain black-tip AP bullet and H50 BMG powder
30 rounds reloads using M2 pulled bullets of varying weight and HG50 BMG powder

I am open to partial firearms trades + cash. My rifle is a high quality piece so your offering should be equal in quality. Send all trade offers in text. I am in zero rush and not desperate to sell in any way so all lowball offers will be ignored. Currently looking for an HK45 or FNX Tactical and a Standard Manufacturing DP-12.

For now, this will be a package deal but I may consider keeping the scope and mount if you have your own glass to put on the rifle. This is a fantastic turn-key setup if you want to get into 50 BMG and/or extreme range shooting.

All legitimate questions about the rifle not covered in the ad are welcome. PPI on your dime at Alaska Custom Firearms is also welcome. Text is much preferred to phone conversation as I work a lot. I also have much more pictures to give upon request.

Thanks for looking!



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