Guns Alaska Website Updates 01/01/2019

Guns Alaska Site Updates 01/01/2019

The new year is here and Guns Alaska has new updates and features! Although we're constantly updating, it's been a while since we wrote a summary in the blog.

New Guns Alaska Website Updates And Features:

  • Updated all core website software to latest versions (major updates).

  • Added HTML microdata tags throughout site for better SEO.

  • Replaced the description editor with a much more robust option.

  • Created image "corner ribbons" that display "PROMOTED" on ads that have been promoted with the "FIRST" option. This clearly shows that these ads at the top of the list have been promoted and should clear up confusion about how current ads are because some ads have been at the top for a long time. Typically you must scroll past the promoted ads before reaching the new non-promoted ads (which are always extremely current).

  • Adjusted all term lengths for paid promotions, which also now clearly state how long the promotion will be active for when you choose a promotion at the time of listing.

I am so grateful for all of you that use the Guns Alaska Classifieds website and have stuck with us through our growing pains over the last few years. We have worked hard to make the website as good as it can be and that work shows with the thousands of users and daily listings. Looking forward in the 2019 year, keep listing those items and please keep spreading the word. The website is a constant work-in-progress and gets better every day.

As always, I need feedback from users so I know how to best serve you.  Please use the contact page to let me know about suggestions, problems or bugs. Check back regularly on the blog for the latest site news, announcements and upgrades.

Bryan Earl
Guns Alaska Classifieds