Are you a business owner looking to show the Alaskan firearms community what you have to offer?  We have a select few banner advertising options that you may be interested in!

Guns Alaska is proud to offer multiple advertising positions at the top, bottom and left-side of every classifieds page.  These positions are shared / rotated randomly with other advertisers and will be capped at 10 advertisers total to avoid over-saturation. We want to always guarantee every advertiser an equal chance for their ads to be seen.

NOTE: We have worked very hard on the site over the last few years and we now are shown on the first page of Google search results for all related search terms. This is a high-trafficked website for the outdoors, hunting and firearms related industry in Alaska.

Currently Low Rates

Considering the highly targeted audience you are advertising to and the amount of traffic the website receives, our rates are extremely low. In fact, we offer some of the lowest advertising rates in the firearms industry. Keep in mind that as we grow larger and larger, we will review occassionally and our rates may increase month-to-month. If you want to be locked into the current rate for an extended period of time, you do have the option of pre-paying for longer terms.

Website Traffic Estimates

Guns Alaska Classifieds currently currently achieves an average of over 100,000 views per month and growing (as of January, 2021).

Available Banner Positions

We currently offer the following banner positions:

  • Top Leaderboard: 800x110 (or 728x90)
  • Bottom Footer: 800x110 (or 728x90)
  • Left Column Sidebar: 300x600 (or 300x250 or 160x600)


Contact Us Now

If you are interested in purchasing advertising or would like more information, please head over to the "Guns Classifieds Network" headquarters website (link below). You will find much more detailed information, options, and pricing:

Guns Classifieds Network | Advertising